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Ecuador Consciente is Ecuador's first online directory dedicated to promoting responsible tourism, ecotourism, community tourism, fair trade, clean production, culture, agroecology, and natural health and well-being in Ecuador.

Through the Ecuador Consciente platform, the lists that comprise it are optimized to improve positioning in search engines (Google, Bing among others).

Ecuador Consciente has a front user panel, integrated reservation systemprivate messaging and many more features.

The platform is a professional directory based on listings, classified into categories (responsible tourism, ecotourism and community tourism; fair trade, clean production, culture, agroecology and natural health and well-being) and regions.

Ecuador Consciente provides the platform for businesses such as establishments (hotels, restaurants, customer service centers, stores, local fairs, cultural centers and organizations); brands and entrepreneurs, cultural managers and artists, can take advantage of the tools that the platform provides, search engine optimization, booking engine, private messaging system, exact business location and even the creation of an online store with a search engine. payment included.

Businesses that promote sustainable practices and social responsibility can register, such as eco-friendly accommodations, community tour operators, fair trade producers, among others.

Being listed on Conscious Ecuador provides greater visibility to businesses committed to sustainability and attracts an audience that is aware and concerned about the environmental and social impact of their travels.

Ecuador Consciente verifies the authenticity and commitment of businesses using specific sustainability and social responsibility criteria before approving their registration on the platform.

All listings are available in English, Spanish and French versions (as of August 1, 2024)

For a tour operator to be accepted in the category of Tour Operators in Conscious Ecuador, it must comply with at least 50% of the criteria that ensure that the establishment complies with the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and respect for the natural and cultural environment. .

1. Environmental sustainability

  • Conservation Practices: The operator must demonstrate effective environmental conservation practices, such as the use of renewable energy, proper waste management and reduction of natural resource consumption.
  • Impact Minimization: The operator must implement measures to minimize the negative impact on the environment, such as hiking routes that avoid sensitive areas and reforestation programs.
  • Environmental education: Offer programs and activities that educate tourists about the importance of environmental conservation and how they can contribute to it.

2. Social responsability

  • Relationship with the Local Community: The operator must have a respectful and collaborative relationship with local communities, ensuring that they benefit directly from tourism.
  • Local Employment: Prioritize the hiring of local staff and ensure fair and equitable working conditions.
  • Culture and traditions: Respect and promote local cultures and traditions, avoiding any form of exploitation or cultural appropriation.

3. Quality and Authenticity of the Experience

  • Authentic Experiences: Offer experiences that authentically reflect the local culture and environment, avoiding activities that trivialize or distort cultural reality.
  • Guide Training: Ensure that tour guides are well trained and knowledgeable about the history, culture and ecology of the area.
  • Customer Feedback: Maintain a system to collect and respond to customer opinions and suggestions, using this information to continually improve services.

4. Ethics and Transparency

  • Clear Pricing Policy: Offer fair and transparent prices, without hidden charges, and provide a clear description of what each service includes.
  • Ethical Responsibility: Adhere to ethical principles in all operations, including truthful advertising and fair business conduct.

5. Tourist Safety and Wellbeing

  • Security measures: Implement and maintain adequate security measures for all tourist activities, ensuring the well-being of tourists at all times.
  • Health & Wellness: Provide information and resources so that tourists can take care of their health and well-being during the trip, including access to first aid and medical assistance if necessary.

6. Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Sustainable Innovation: Be open to the adoption of new technologies and methods that improve the sustainability of your operations.
  • Continuous assessment: Conduct periodic evaluations of your practices and constantly look for ways to improve your environmental and social impact.

7. Commitment to Responsible Tourism

  • Code of Conduct: Have and adhere to a responsible tourism code of conduct, which guides all operations and business relationships.
  • Documented Commitment: Sign a formal commitment to the principles of responsible and conscious tourism, which is reviewed and renewed periodically.

We are convinced that implementing these criteria will help ensure that the tour operators in the directory truly contribute to more responsible and conscious tourism, benefiting both destinations, local communities and tourists.

For a hostel, hotel, inn to be accepted in the lodging category in Ecuador Consciente, it must comply with at least 50% of the criteria that ensure that the establishment complies with principles of sustainability, respect for the environment and commitment to local community.

Sustainability and Environment Criteria

  1. Energy efficiency:

    • Use of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc.).
    • Implementation of energy saving systems (LED lighting, efficient appliances, etc.).
    • Policies to reduce energy consumption (use of motion sensors, automatic lights off, energy saving training for staff).

  2. Water management:

    • Water reuse systems (such as rainwater).
    • Installation of water-saving devices (low-flow faucets and showers, dual-flush toilets).
    • Adequate wastewater treatment.

  3. Waste Reduction:

    • Recycling and composting programs.
    • Minimal use of disposable plastics and promotion of reusable alternatives.
    • Proper management of hazardous waste.

  4. Sustainable Construction and Materials:

    • Use of ecological and local construction materials.
    • Bioclimatic architecture that promotes energy efficiency.

Social and Community Criteria

  1. Impact on the Local Community:

    • Employment of local staff and fair working conditions.
    • Promotion of local culture and traditions.
    • Support for community initiatives and projects.

  2. Local Purchase and Consumption:

    • Use of local products and services in the hostel (food, crafts, etc.).
    • Promotion of local businesses and suppliers among guests.

  3. Education and Awareness:

    • Inform guests about sustainable and responsible practices.
    • Offer activities and tours that promote conscious tourism.

Quality and Service Criteria

  1. Comfort and Safety:

    • Safe and well maintained facilities.
    • Basic quality services (hot water, Wi-Fi, cleaning, etc.).
    • Attention to accessibility for people with disabilities.

  2. Guest Experience:

    • Consistent positive guest reviews.
    • Personalized and high-quality attention.

Ethical and Transparency Criteria

  1. Transparency and Communication:

    • Clear and precise information about the hostel's sustainable practices.
    • Open communication with guests and the community.

Evaluation and Monitoring

  1. Self-assessment and Continuous Improvement:

    • Conduct periodic self-assessments to identify areas for improvement.
    • Implementation of action plans to improve sustainable practices.

  2. Feedback and Audits:

    • Collecting guest feedback on sustainable practices.
    • Participation in external audits to ensure compliance with the criteria.

We are convinced that these criteria not only ensure that the hostel operates in a sustainable and responsible manner, but also promote an enriching and conscious experience for guests, promoting tourism that respects and benefits both the environment and the local community.

You can update your business information by logging into your Ecuador Consciente account and editing the relevant details in your profile.


You can leave reviews and comments about your experience directly on the business profile in Ecuador Consciente, thus helping other users make informed decisions. The platform currently supports reviews from the system itself and those from Google My Business

Add social approval and authenticity easily. The Ecuador Consciente review system includes two options by default:

1. The one inherited from the same platform

2. Add social proof and authenticity! Ecuador Conscientes allows you to embed your Google Reviews on your listing page.

Other systems can be added externally.


Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of the business on the Internet, making it easier for potential clients to easily find business information in Ecuador Consciente.

Each Conscious Ecuador listing is optimized (text, images and other individual settings for each listing) in order to reach the top positions according to the search terms that are agreed upon according to the target audiences and the required search criteria keywords. in each case.

The practical result of our SEO optimization is to achieve the best web search rankings for our directory listings according to your own required search criteria. 

The optimization of Ecuador listings Be aware of the listings, in several cases we have achieved the first positions even when searching according to keywords even at the Ecuador level and not only locally.


In case of problems with a reservation, we recommend that you contact the business directly through the contact information provided in their listing on Ecuador Consciente to resolve any issues.

We currently work with the secure payment platform DLocalGo that allows payments from Ecuador through: Pago Efectivo, Facilito, Servientrega, Western Union, and Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.


Ecuador Consciente operates transactions through the secure payment platform DLocal (an international payments platform that facilitates commercial transactions in different countries, including Ecuador). The time it takes to collect the money may vary depending on several factors, such as the payment method used by the sender and local banking policies in Ecuador.

Generally, transfers can take between 48 hours up to a week to be fully processed and reflected in the final beneficiary's bank account. This may be influenced by the local bank's processing speed, business days, and any additional verification processes the financial institution may require.