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The National Peasant Movement strengthening Food Sovereignty in Ecuador.

The National Peasant Movement (MNC) of Ecuador is a peasant organization that has been playing a fundamental role in the promotion of food sovereignty, the promotion of agroecology, the fight for peasant rights and the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices in the country. .

One of its actions has been focused on the production and use of biofertilizers as a viable alternative to conventional chemical fertilizers.

The MNC has advocated for the promotion of food sovereignty in Ecuador through the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. In this sense, biofertilizers have been a key tool used by the movement to strengthen soil health and increase agricultural productivity in an organic and sustainable way.

Biofertilizers are products derived from natural sources, such as manure, compost, crop residues and beneficial microorganisms, which promote soil fertility and improve the availability of nutrients for plants. These products are an ecological and cost-effective alternative to chemical fertilizers, which can be harmful to the environment and human health.

The MNC has developed training programs and technical assistance for farmers, teaching them how to produce and use biofertilizers effectively. These trainings include teaching composting techniques, the production of biol (a liquid biofertilizer) and the inoculation of soils with beneficial microorganisms. In addition, the movement has established strategic alliances with academic and government institutions to promote research and development of biofertilizers adapted to local conditions.

The adoption of biofertilizers has had a significant impact on Ecuadorian agriculture. These products have improved the quality of the soil, increasing its water and nutrient retention capacity, which has resulted in an increase in agricultural productivity. In addition, the use of biofertilizers has reduced farmers' dependence on imported chemical fertilizers, which in turn has lowered production costs and promoted self-sufficiency.

For this reason, the National Peasant Movement has launched its star product “Salvador”, an organic biofertilizer of high quality, made through the fermentation of beneficial microorganisms and which is intended to be an enriching and strengthening element for crops through the significant improvement of biological processes in the soil.

The MNC also works actively to disseminate these practices at the national level, through agricultural fairs, workshops, and peasant meetings. These initiatives have made it possible to share successful experiences and knowledge among farmers, promoting the massive adoption of biofertilizers and strengthening food sovereignty in Ecuador with a more resilient and self-sufficient agriculture model, based on agroecological and nature-friendly practices.

Learn more about the National Peasant Movement in its official Web site

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