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NeoAgroGlobal is a company dedicated to the formulation, production, distribution and marketing of organic inputs for the agricultural market in Ecuador and internationally. 

The mission of NeoAgroGlobal is to provide the national agricultural sector with innovative, sustainable and high-quality organic products, as a measure to confront soil desertification and the food crisis, promoting the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Ecuador and Latin America.

He organic biofertilizer ?Salvador? It is the product that NeoAgroGlobal is in the full phase of growth and expansion.

Salvador: This organic fertilizer is made from microorganisms enriched with macroelements of immediate absorption. Its main function is to nourish and strengthen plants, facilitating the biological processes that occur in the soil. It is a complete and versatile product, suitable for all types of crops, including those with short cycles, semi-perennials and perennials. Salvador is available in different presentations: 1 liter, 4 liters, 20 liters and 1000 liters.

NeoAgroGlobal is a leader in the organic inputs market nationally and is expanding its presence internationally. 

Richard Intriago, CEO of NeoAgro, is a visionary leader in the field of sustainable agriculture. Its commitment to innovation and food safety has led to important achievements for the company and the region.

In January 2023, NeoAgro donated 100,000 liters of biofertilizers to El Salvador, with a value of more than $900,000. This donation will contribute significantly to agricultural production and food security in the country. For Richard Intriago he expressed that this is the first step in a continuous alliance with the Government, and they are inspired by the transformation process that El Salvador is experiencing, especially in security issues.

Furthermore, NeoAgro has ambitious plans for the future. They are working on the construction of a mega plant in El Salvador dedicated to the production of organic fertilizers. This plant will not only supply local demand, but will also benefit the entire Central American region. Richard Intriago emphasized his commitment to a more prosperous and sustainable future for regional agriculture1.

These types of initiatives, led by Richard Intriago and NeoAgro, strengthen agricultural strategies and offer more opportunities to meet the food needs of the Salvadoran population. It is an inspiring example of how collaboration between the private sector and the Government can generate a positive impact on society.



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16 reviews
  • Ana
    3 months ago

    NeoAgro Global is not only a leading company in the agricultural industry, but also an example to follow in terms of commitment to quality, sustainability and business ethics. Its contribution to the national agricultural market and dedication to quality translates into tangible results for farmers, who trust NeoAgro to improve the productivity of their crops in a sustainable manner.

  • Angel Raymond Macias Mayorga

    NeoAgro Global is the ideal ally in agriculture. They offer you products that are needed to increase the productivity and profitability of your crops, quality products at affordable prices.100% recommended, taking Salvador organic fertilizer as an example.

  • Alan93FA
    3 months ago

    Neoagro maintains an admirable commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Its holistic approach to food production, which integrates principles of biodiversity, soil health and responsible resource management, is commendable as it is not only contributing to food security but is also setting an important precedent in the agricultural industry by demonstrating that it is possible to produce food sustainably and profitably.

  • Victor Leon
    Victor Leon
    4 months ago

    The organic product Salvador is an excellent product, I applied it to my rice crop, the crop showed good vigor, I obtained good yields in my harvest, with quality grains with good weight and shine?

  • Victor Alexander Zambrano

    Very good Product, This Salvador Organic fertilizer has everything your production needs for a good harvest, saves Time and Money... Recommended.

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