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Yasuní Kurysacha Travel: Community and Responsible Tourism in Yasuní

Sunset over Tiputini, Yasuní

Welcome to Yasuní Kurysacha Travel, a tourism operator specialized in offering unique and enriching experiences in the majestic jungle of the Yasuní National Park.

Located in Ecuador, in the Province of Orellana, Aguarico Canton, Tiputini Parish, in the Kichwa Llanchama Commune, we are dedicated to providing visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich diversity of this exceptional ecological biodiversity.

Discover the Magic of Yasuní with Local and Native Guides

Our focus is on the cultural, gastronomic, research and adventure tourism, with a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Under the guidance of Holmer Machoa, founder of Yasuní Kurysacha Travel, each experience is designed to educate, inspire and connect visitors with the nature and culture of Yasuní.

Kichwa girls from Yasuni National Park

Holmer Machoa He grew up in the Amazon jungle, amazed by its biodiversity and the ancestral culture of his Kichwa people. Since he was a child, he traveled the paths of the Yasuní National Park, developing a deep love and respect for his homeland. In 2009, Holmer began his work in community tourism, combining adventure with respect for culture and the environment. In 2023, he founded Yasuní Kurysacha Travel, whose name in Kichwa means “Journeys to Yasuní to the Golden Nature”, with the aim of offering magical and liberating experiences in the heart of the jungle.

Objectives of Yasuní Kurysacha Travel

1. Promote Local Culture We offer immersive cultural experiences that allow tourists to interact with local indigenous communities, learning about their traditions, crafts and ancestral customs. Visitors have the unique opportunity to learn about the Kichwa lifestyle, their art, music and their fight for the preservation of their territory.

Kichwa crafts from the interior of Yasuní
Thematic visit to the jungle of Yasuní National Park

2. Explore Amazonian Gastronomy Our gastronomic tours allow travelers to taste traditional dishes prepared with native ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, discovering unique flavors of the region. Kichwa gastronomy is a sensory experience that connects visitors with nature in a deep and meaningful way.

3. Adventures in the Jungle For nature and adventure lovers, we offer exciting excursions that include jungle walks, wildlife watching, canoe rides through rivers and lagoons, and opportunities to live unique experiences in direct contact with nature. Our local guides, certified and with deep knowledge of the Amazon jungle, guarantee a safe and enriching experience.

Model room that we offer to travelers in the Llanchama community in Yasuní
Community accommodation in Yasuní National Park

Services Offered by Yasuní Kurysacha Travel

– Personalized Tourist Packages We adapt our experiences to the preferences and needs of each client, offering personalized packages that ensure a unique and memorable adventure.

– Guided by Local Experts Our certified local guides, knowledgeable about every corner of Yasuní, provide an educational and safe experience. Their ancestral wisdom and deep knowledge of the Amazon rainforest enrich each excursion, offering an authentic and detailed vision of the environment.

– Sustainable Accommodation We collaborate with private businesses and local communities to offer environmentally friendly accommodation options. These options ensure that our visitors' stay is comfortable and sustainable, contributing to the conservation of the ecosystem.

- Transport and logistics We take care of the organization of land, air and water transportation to guarantee the comfort and safety of our clients during their stay. Every logistical detail is carefully planned to offer a seamless experience.

Environmental and Social Impact of Yasuní Kurysacha Travel

We are committed to operating sustainably, respecting the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest and contributing to the economic and social development of local communities. Through our tourism activities, we seek to raise awareness about the importance of conserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.

Holmer Machoa incorporated sustainable practices into our operations, such as employing local guides, using recyclable materials, supporting community projects, and promoting responsible ecotourism. Each tour is designed under the Kichwa philosophy of “Allita Kawsana”, which means living well in harmony with nature.

Join the Adventure with Yasuní Kurysacha Travel

The creation of Yasuní Kurysacha Travel is an act of love for the land, the culture and the people who inhabit it. Our mission is not only to generate income for the community, but also to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Amazon. Over time, we hope to become a benchmark for responsible community tourism in Ecuador, an example of how passion for nature and culture can come together to create a unique and sustainable experience.

Holmer Machoa has become a tireless defender of the Amazon, a guardian of the jungle and the Kichwa culture. His vision and leadership ensure that every visitor to Yasuní Kurysacha Travel leaves with a deeper understanding of the value of the Amazon rainforest and a renewed commitment to its preservation.


We visited Nuevo Rocafuerte in Yasuni with travelers
Kichwa native guide and defender of the Amazon Holmer Machoa, with his little daughter
Visit to the Tambococha guard station in the Yasuní National Park



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