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The Ayangue Cultural Garden is more than a tourist destination; It is a place where hearts connect with nature and care for the environment is encouraged. It is also a space where creativity flourishes.

If you visit the charming beach of Ayangue, take some time to discover the Cultural Garden, a new and interesting proposal when you are looking for what to do in Ayangue.


Located in the heart of this fishing-tourist community, the Cultural Garden stands as a family refuge for those seeking a deeper connection with nature. Here in this green sanctuary, every step reveals a new world of natural wonders.

In this small paradise, we invite you to explore the richness of the dry forest, home to unique species such as the mystical palo santo and the charming veryuyo. Through a brief tour, you will discover the vital importance of conserving these jewels of flora and fauna, as well as learn responsible environmental practices that you can carry out in your daily life.

But the Ayangue Cultural Garden is much more than a simple green refuge; It is a bridge between the past and the present. Here, among its winding paths, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating archaeological and natural history of Ayangue, becoming a natural cultural center in the province of Santa Elena. The melodious song of the birds and the comforting freshness of the shade of the trees will accompany you on this journey of discovery.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the opportunity to witness the creation process of our original ecological crafts: the Jícaras, true works of natural art that reflect the love and respect for our environment and that we make from mate or totumo. (Crescentia cujete) wonderful natural material . And if they captivate you, you can take a piece with you from our store, where you will find a carefully crafted selection of our venture. Jícara, natural art.

But the experience doesn't end here. At the Ayangue Cultural Garden, we are passionate about sharing knowledge and promoting the love of nature. That is why we have prepared a variety of educational and artistic activities adapted to different ages, ensuring that each visit is unforgettable and enriching for everyone who visits us. Contact us by WhatsApp or through the attached form for more details.



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