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Fair Trade in Ecuador Conscious

At Ecuador Consciente we evaluate whether a service complies with the principles and criteria of fair trade. We seek that there is an equitable and responsible relationship between producers, suppliers and consumers.

To achieve this objective, we seek that one or more of these practices be considered by those who wish to offer their products or services on the platform.

  1. fair price: The products or services must offer a fair price that ensures adequate and equitable remuneration to the producers and suppliers participating in the process.

  2. Living wages: It must be guaranteed that the workers involved in the provision of the service receive fair and dignified wages, which allow them to cover their basic needs and those of their families.

  3. Adequate working conditions: The service must be provided by companies that respect labor rights, offering safe and healthy working conditions, without discrimination or labor exploitation.

  4. Transparency and traceability: Transparency in the supply chains of the service is required, from its origin to its arrival to the consumer, guaranteeing traceability and avoiding practices such as child or forced labor.

5. Respect for the environment: The service must promote sustainable and respectful practices with the environment, minimizing environmental impact and promoting the conservation of natural resources.

6. Active participation of local communities: The participation and empowerment of local communities in decision-making and in the distribution of the benefits generated by the service is valued.

7. Direct and fair trade: It seeks to promote direct trade between producers and consumers, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and ensuring a fair and transparent relationship.

8. Education and awareness: The service must contribute to the education and awareness of consumers about the importance of fair trade and its positive impacts on communities and the environment.

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